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August 05, 2010


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Laura, this is a fabulous post about the custom capabilities of Hickory Chair. I enjoy the flexibility and creativity options I have for the clients of my interior design firm in Seattle. That chest is awesome!
Faith http://www.faithsheridan.com

Thank you Faith for commenting! Since your visit to HCC University you would be amazed how far we have journeyed down the path of personalization! All the best!

Absolutely great post! I love Hickory Chair. It is the most gorgeous line, and WELL made. I am happy to see that places like restoration hardware, and JEEP are pushing true craftsmanship, and that quality surpasses mass produced crap. Not sure where society switched gears but somewhere a long the way companies started pushing cheaper prices, mass production, and instant gratification as the gold standard. All while loosing the value in a great, well made, Hand-down-to-your-grand-kids, mentality. I think with campaigns like RH, and JEEP, showcasing how important it is to stay in America, and buy quality, we can get consumers back to investing in heirloom quality furniture like Hickory Chair. Sorry for the rant! I know you probably read this and were wondering when I was going to get to the point, and how RH, and JEEP tied into HC! haha BUT, I stopped selling HC about four years ago because I found that clients were not looking for quality, but had a more disposable frame of mind with their furniture. They have no problem blowing several thousand at Ashley furniture, only to throw it away in 5 years. How does that make sense? Ok so again, back to the point. I will be saving this post, and referring back to it to show my clients why quality IS better!!

Thank you for taking the time, Amanda, to share your passion for quality things and the companies who are defying the odds to make as much product as possible domestically. We make 87% here in our Hickory workroom and strive to make even more here. However, we do not have stone, metal, glass, hardware or intricately hand carving capabilities here. Thanks for caring!

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